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Спасибо, понятно
Уведомление о рисках: Потери на рынке Форекс и CFD могут превысить ваш первоначальный депозит. Admiral Markets рекомендует обратиться за консультацией к независимому финансовому эксперту, чтобы лучше понять риски, связанные с Forex, CFD, маржой и торговлей с кредитным плечом. Также, пожалуйста, изучите Документы с Основной Информацией, чтобы понять особенности, риски, затраты, потенциальную прибыль и убытки, связанные с предлагаемыми нами продуктами.

What is Trading?

Close your eyes and think about financial trading.

What do you see?

You see hundreds of people in colorful jackets screaming, waving their hands, exchanging notes, speaking on the phone all at the same time.

Chicago Open Outcry Trading Floor
Open Outcry - the past of financial trading

Too bad you will never ever be a part of that world.

Not because you are not smart enough.
Not because you do not have what it takes!

Simply because Open Outcry Trading is a relic. A thing of the past! There are only a few open outcry markets left in New York, Chicago and London.

The financial world has made a step forward and Electronic Trading is the present and the future!

Two traders looking at computer screens with electronic trading terminals.
Speed, precision and lack of human errors are advantages of Electronic trading.

Electronic Trading is Now

Quick order execution screen

Your orders are processed and executed in fraction of a second

Multiterminal Forex trader with 6 screens

The amount of trades one could execute in a day has gone up dramatically

landing::TradingFloor` &language=`[[*cultureKeySecondary]].lp-trading-floor-electronicis-feature3-img-1-alt

You can trade from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection

Excited trader behind laptop
Just as exciting

Concentrate on the most important thing: money changing hands

With almost no room for human error

If you could eradicate your own errors - there would be none.

Racks with servers dedicated to trading on MT4
And most importantly, electronic trading is

Available to you right now!

& when we say right now we mean right this second now!
Click the button & fill in the form below to start your incredible journey. You will trade in 100% authentic market conditions, trading currency pairs, buying and selling CFDs (contracts for difference) on the most popular equities and indices.
Right now you are almost in the same position all financial traders are: in front of a computer! The only difference: some time ago they had the courage to make their first trade. Do you have that courage?
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